Course Description

Important to Know This Before You Get Started

Welcome to Inside Inbound! This is a Free course designed to go along with our Free Launch HubSpot templates.

If you haven't downloaded the FULL FREE LAUNCH Pack (4 campaign templates) make sure to download them here before getting started with the course!

Founder of Brand Builder Solutions

Joe Jerome

It's not about us building you a website. It's about us helping you to build your website. When we do, we focus on these things. Help the buyer. Make it easy. Make it simple. Make it clean. We have a great team at Brand Builder Solutions who want to help you be successful! We are a HubSpot Platinum Partner and are a team of marketers located in the US!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Inside Inbound!

  • 2

    Getting Started With Your HubSpot Template

    • Where do I find my templates once they've been purchased?

    • Locating the stylesheet attached to the template pack

    • Cloning your templates before using them

    • Cloning the Stylesheet

    • Cloning the template and attaching the stylesheet

  • 3

    Global Navigation and Menus

    • What is a global header and footer?

    • Updating your global header and footer

    • Updating the menu in the header

    • Updating the logo in the header and footer

    • Logo Sizing Adjustments

  • 4

    Content Editing and Page Creation

    • What is the difference between a template and a landing page?

    • Creating a landing page from a template

    • Updating the content on a landing page

    • Updating icons on a website page

  • 5

    Further Customization and Updating Colors and Styles

    • How do I customize the pack more, like updating colors and styles?

  • 6

    Creating a HubSpot Website with Templates

    • What if I need a refreshed or redesigned HubSpot site?

    • Our Website Estimator Tool will Help You With Planning

  • 7

    Get Help from Your Instructors

    • The Brand Builder Solutions Team is here to help you!